Friday, September 18, 2009

back for good

Two months ago I was in a very complicated situation most of the time I was really drop dead. But now everything is doing fine.My man is with me now after for some months that he had a relationship with the other girl.(for several months our life was so complicated).I hope that we are back for good.We are living together now and struggling each and every day of our lives. Life is in deed tough.We are dealing with so much differences. Without God’s grace I am nowhere now. Living with my man outside the marriage is against my will and God’s will but I began to like this idea so that we will get to know each other better and we will learn more things together.I pray hard at night that God will guide and love us and hopefully that we will last for long. I want us to catch up all those wrong things that we have done.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

what's on your mind?

What's on your mind?

I've been having a lot of doubts and emotional problems because of fighting with the person that I love. It is really indeed a problem when a person did something bad like he ruined your trust because it's quite hard to put back that trust again. Frankly, speaking I am not confident of having this relationship that I have right now. He ruined my trust before and now he is having a hard time toput back all those pieces in one. I need to learn how to trust him again and I need to believe that he will change and that he could really change everything.

I need someone to slow me down.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I want to play Airsoft...soon..

raindays are come and go! grrrhh..i can't play Airsoft because of this season (rainy season). I miss my team and my friends. I've been wanting play....hmmmp... rain...rain...go away madz want to play...

rise against

This song is very important to me and I need to hear this every day so that this will remind me of moving on and I need to be firm with my decisions. It's really hard to to move on...Sometimes we are so pretentious that we are doing the right thing but life is so tough it's hard to fight with our selves..I need to stand and walk straight. I need to win this race of my life.

At last I found the symbol

I've been wanting to have my tattoo but I couldn't think of what design. Yesterday while working overtime at work I browsed in the internet (google-hakuna matata a symbol -from the movie "200 pounds beauty-a koren movie") then I saw a blog then it has a symbol of hakuna matata. Thanks to you melissa the blogger that posted this symbol ( yohoo..soon I will have my tattoo and I will post it her...thanks a lot melissa...